Time Warner complaints

These are complaints we received when Time Warner removed CRN from its lineup.

We were directed to forward such messages to TWC officials.  We were then told to not bother the brass and forward all correspondence to Eric Goldberg, Time Warner’s vice president of programming.  When we did, he responded, “Why are these being forwarded to me?”

(Some messages have been edited for grammatical and spelling purposes)

“Please keep CRN. Many of the listeners live for CRN every day. Some are disabled,shut-ins,special needs.Please don’t take away their only form of entertainment.”

“Like many annoyed people I am another you have to figure that I would be pleased to enjoy DirecTV if you do not bring CRN back. As DirecTV is offering various specials relating to football season, I can only give you until August 30th to make a policy change, so that I can take advantage of their offer.”

“I am so upset.  Why did you take off CRN Digital Talk Radio????  We called in our complaint and were told that CRN was too expensive.  Well…my cable bill is too expensive and I’m sick of it.  My mother is almost blind and the CRN channels were the only ones that didn’t make her sob because she felt like she was missing something.  This is how she feels on all the other Time Warner channels.  So I pay hundreds to you every year, and the five channels she likes and can use without being discriminated against are gone.  This is wrong.  I work with several groups for the visually impaired and I am letting them know what you have done. Please reconsider your change or I will reconsider you.”

“What are you thinking??? For ONCE, think about your customers. My next move is to report you to the Better Business Bureau. Maybe a Federal Grand Jury should begin an inquiry into this??”

“I have been a customer of yours for over 45 years!  I was so upset to find out that you cancelled my favorite show, George Putnam’s Talk Back on CRN Digital.  I listened every day on channel 971.  i can’t believe that it is gone.  This is the only program that I listen to consistently and without it I don’t see much value in your service.  Please let me know how you will fix this situation.” 

“I have been a Time Warner customer for years.  (Loger than I can remember).  I am saddened and disappointed that Time Warner dropped CRN from their service.  This is a disgrace.”

“Why in the world did you take away CRN? I love listening to the station when I’m home. I don’t really watch much television, my husband does, but I do love listening to the radio and CRN is my favorite. I don’t even own a radio as I listen through cable. I am not happy about this decision and would like an explanation.”

“Time Warner Cable we want you to bring back Robert Conrad.  I WANT CRN!”

“I love interactive, high definition talk radio in my home on CRN Digital Talk Radio. Please put it back or I will cancel my contact with Time Warner. Thanks.”

If you want CRN back on TWC, here’s how you can make a difference. Thank you for your help!

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  • Jim on December 20, 2012 at 8:19 pm said:

    I just emailed this to Time Warner and cc’d the people at Ovation and CurrenTV.

    Dear Ms. Lane, Mr. Goetz, and Mr. Goldberg:

    I will be dropping Time Warner — and doubt you care, after what I read on CRNEverywhere.com. After you dropped CRN — which I enjoyed listening to — and your customer service people said I should “listen for free on the Internet,” you started charging a modem rental fee. I’m curious how I’m supposed to “listen for free” when you jack up your rates? It seems like you’ve had to start covering your losses from dropping CRN. And now I read that you’re dropping Ovation? And maybe CurrentTV? Yet we’re supposed to pay more for less options? That makes zero sense, other than you’re probably losing money. That sounds like bad business, to me. I don’t want to be a customer of a company like that.

    Jim P

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