Take Action

Take action to receive CRN Digital Talk on your satellite or cable provider.  Tell them you want CRN everywhere!   Let corporate America know that consumers still care about free speech and quality programming.

Time Warner Customers

Time Warner dropped CRN from its channel line up. Write them directly or call 888-892-2253 and tell them CRN needs to be on TWC!

Sign the CRN petition

Tell Time Warner Cable to stop assuming and start caring about what customers actually want.  Your voice matters!


Tell Time Warner Cable and its subscribers how you feel.


Tweet @TWCABLEHELP, @TWCable_LA, and tag #telltimewarner. Exercise your freedom of speech — something Time Warner seems to care less and less about every day.

Contact other providers…

Charter Communications Customers

Charter Communications customers in many markets can take advantage of CRN programming.  If your area doesn’t have it yet, request CRN now or call 888-438-2427.

Comcast Customers

CRN is proud to provide programming to Comcast!  It is not yet all markets — to request it in yours, click here or call 800-266-2278.

Cox Communications Customers

Cox Communications currently carries CRN in multiple markets.  If yours isn’t one of them, contact them now or call 866-749-2671.

DirecTV Customers

CRN is not yet part of DirecTV’s lineup — but given the fact that Time Warner has willingly dropped a great thing, DirecTV could be our next big move.  Please click here or call 888-777-2454 to help give them that extra little push.

Dish Network Customers

Dish Network does not yet carry CRN. If you want seven channels of quality, talk radio programming, click here or call 800-333-3474 and tell them.


CRN is not yet a Mediacom content provider. Request HD quality radio programming for your television and contact Mediacom or call 845-695-2600.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios and CRN are not yet affiliated — but would be great match!  Remind them now or call 800-837-4966.



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