[UPDATED] #BoycottTWC: Conrad, Dryer, Manetti, & Fans Tweet Support!

The #BoycottTWC movement has spread quickly – and is barely three hours old. Robert Conrad, Larry Manetti, Jennifer Horn, Jimmy Mac and CRN fans have shown their support!

Robert Conrad told several of Time Warner corporation’s high-profile advertisers that he can’t support companies who do business with those who take away valuable programming from the visually impaired.

Fred Dryer asked…

…and then implored,

Larry Manetti brought up an interesting point:

Show host Jennifer Horn expressed her disgust.

CRN’s football prognosticator, Jimmy Mac, doesn’t like Time Warner’s odds – unless they shape up.

Consumer advocates TWC Class Action tweeted their outrage.

Songwriter and gold record-certified producer tacked on her problems with the corporation:

CRN listener Chris Carley told Petco they won’t be getting his business. Maybe they’ll put some pressure on Time Warner.

Professor Eric McDowell demanded,

David Potts tweeted:

Chicago-based writer Tricot Chick shared,

We’re tracking the #BoycottTWC tag on Twitter. Write a message on Time Warner’s or a TWC advertiser’s Facebook page. Post the link in the comment section below and we’ll show off your message for everyone to see!

For more information on the protest, click here.

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