A Letter from Michael Horn

Dear CRN fans and supporters,

As you know, CRN Digital Talk has enjoyed a long relationship with Time Warner Cable.  In some cases CRN has been around in your market even longer than Time Warner Cable. We have always taken great pride in being the voice of the cable customer.  The only channel that allows 24-hour feedback from you, live, seven days a week.  When there are disasters happening around you, breaking news on local and world events, CRN is there connecting you to your neighbors.  When you are suffering from something in your personal life, CRN is there with our virtual neighborhood of customers.  A voice to comfort you and converse with.

CRN knew that Time Warner was investigating our value to you the cable customer.  We were led to believe that we were negotiating with them, so in good faith we waited to notify you about a potential disruption in service.  Instead, we focused on the business value Time Warner received through a partnership with CRN.  Conference calls were cancelled at the last minute, calls were dodged, then without written notice and only six hours of verbal notice, CRN was dropped from the entire Time Warner footprint.  Our thanks, for following the rules set forth in our contract.  With no time to drum up support from our audience, this privately owned company was played by big business.  CRN was treated unprofessionally by the Time Warner programming team.

In the month that followed, you, our CRN supporters called, wrote, emailed, signed petitions and even cancelled their Time Warner service.  Inaccurate information was given by Time Warner about rate increases, etc, but basically all of your words fell on deaf ears.  In fact we were even told to stop passing along your complaints and feedback to key members of the Time Warner team.  Doesn’t that sound like Time Warner officials don’t want to hear their customers think?  Perhaps it was because Time Warner Cable was too busy raising your cable rates by launching a single channel that appeals to only a small percent of its customers, Maybe it’s just that they have gotten too big.

Because CRN Digital Talk produces quality talk radio, we provide the only cable programming people aren’t required to actually see.  Time Warner lost favor with visually impaired, senior citizen, and home-bound audiences, who accessed CRN programming through the cable giant. Advocacy groups voiced their displeasure with Time Warner – but the cable giant simply let those voices go unheard.

They also told our customers to simply listen to CRN programming on the Internet “where it’s free.” First, not all of CRN’s customers access the Internet.  Plus, as a company charging people at least $29.99 a month for online access (and recently added a “modem rental fee”) where does Time Warner get off putting the words “Internet” and “free” together?

CRN does carry some of its programming online – but our value to cable listeners is immense. CRN provides programming in crystal clear, HD sound.  Cable audiences can use their DVRs to record their favorite shows and listen to them on their own schedules.  This, in turn, increases Time Warner’s value to its customers.

The truth is that CRN belongs on Time Warner, where millions of customers were able to access our programming. We want to be back with Time Warner and are asking your help. We’re confident that a few more voices may finally get them to listen – and that’s what CRN Digital Talk has been about for 30 years.

Thank you so much.

Michael Horn
CRN Digital Talk

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