Press Release Announces Official Launch of officially announced its launch today!  “Time Warner Cable has been extremely difficult throughout this process,” CRN’s CEO & president Michael Horn said, “ is our final effort to let Time Warner Cable do the right thing.” Read the press release that was sent around the world.


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Talk Radio Network’s CEO Says New Site is “Last Effort to Let Time Warner Cable Do the Right Thing.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – December 3, 2012: CRN Digital Talk Radio announced Monday the launch of, a website devoted to its efforts to rejoin Time Warner Cable (TWC) as a content provider, four months after the cable giant controversially dropped the mainstay talk radio network. features posts about the CRN/Time Warner Cable situation, videos made by concerned public figures, letters of support from CRN listeners and Los Angeles area leaders, an online petition, and contact information for Time Warner and other broadcasting providers.

“Time Warner Cable has been extremely difficult throughout this process,” said Michael J. Horn, CRN Digital Talk Radio’s CEO and president. “We’ve cooperated with all of their requests, and our listeners feel like Time Warner isn’t listening to their displeasure.”  Time Warner Cable has not communicated with CRN regarding TWC’s decision to drop CRN.

Horn also said that when his office forwarded CRN-supportive correspondence to Time Warner, the cable company wondered why they were being bothered with such messages. “This has given us an alarming insight as to how they view customers. We have overwhelmingly received customer complaints and concerns about the drop of CRN programming.  In one instance, even Hollywood icon William Shatner wrote a letter to Time Warner asking for CRN to be re-launched and is still waiting for a response from anyone at Time Warner.”

Time Warner has raised rates to add one channel for the Los Angeles Lakers – but dropped SIX of ours and got rid of several other content providers, as well. “We simply want to shed light on all this and look forward working everything out.”

Videos messages from CRN show hosts Fred Dryer, Larry Manetti, and Robert Conrad rally CRN listeners and challenge TWC executives. “Time Warner thinks (people) don’t care enough to voice (their) support of CRN,” says Larry Manetti, CRN radio show host and “Magnum P.I.” star. In another, former NFL and “Hunter” legend Fred Dryer wonders why customers don’t receive refunds when their favorite channels are dropped.

“ is our final effort to let Time Warner Cable do the right thing,” Horn explains.



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