The #BoycottTWC Online Rally Is Underway!

Join us now – from your computer, smart phone, or tablet – and take part in the #BoycottTWC rally!

One of Robert Conrad’s tweets is quickly picking up steam:

Larry Manetti made reference to an email from Time Warner Cable’s Eric Goldberg:

Want to join them?



Facebook, Twitter, email, calling, chatting, or writing letters. You can take part anywhere – from your computer mobile device, or tablet.


Tweet @TWC, @TWCableHelp, and @TWCable_LA. Demand that they stop discriminating against customers. Tell them that you are participating in #BoycottTWC.


Visit and post that you miss quality customer service and programming. Demand that they stop discriminating against customers. Tell them you are participating in #BoycottTWC.

Call or Write Time Warner Executives

Email or Chat with Time Warner


Depriving the Visually Impaired

Because CRN syndicates the hottest talent in talk radio to satellite and cable networks, listeners can DVR their favorite programs.  This benefit is especially valuable to visually impaired and homebound listeners. We received plenty of feedback from these audiences and forwarded it along to Time Warner.

Sadly, at least one of their executives apparently can’t be burdened with customer concerns.

One would think Time Warner Cable – a television content distributor – would be aware that the visually impaired enjoy listening to television. And that the homebound comprise a chunk of the television audience.

TWC’s decision to deprive these important audiences of CRN seems uninformed, disorganized and insensitive.

Tell Time Warner Cable to stop discriminating against customers

TWC: Unresponsive and Unprofessional

On top of that, TWC executives have been uncommunicative and unwilling to entertain reasonable offers CRN has presented.

Do Time Warner Advertisers Know?

Companies such as AT&T, Kellogg’s, and Petco advertise on Time Warner-owned networks like CNN, TNT, and TBS. Would they approve of this behavior? Do they even know about it?

Wouldn’t the people who run Office Max, Cover Girl, and Mucinex be unhappy if audiences stopped purchasing their products – because of the way Time Warner treats customers?

We will drive that point home to other Time Warner Corporation advertisers like Cadillac and Chrysler.

We like products and services these advertisers offer – so perhaps all of us can get the message through to Time Warner that, while business is business, doing the right thing is paramount and still stands for something.

Maybe then – before the critical May sweeps period – Time Warner will start listening to customers,  stop dropping quality programming, and reinstate others they’ve let go.

Time Warner network advertisers mentioned in this post:

AT&T:    Facebook    Twitter: @ATT

Cadillac: Facebook    Twitter: @Cadillac

Chrysler: Facebook    Twitter: @Chrysler

Cover Girl: Facebook  Twitter: @COVERGIRL

Kellogg’s: Facebook    Twitter: @Kelloggs_US

Mucinex: Facebook

Office Max: Facebook Twitter: @OfficeMax

Petco: Facebook        Twitter: @Petco

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